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In hopes of helping women see themselves for who they are in Christ, this event is going to give us the fuel we need to "LEAVE A MARK" on our industry,

home, family, or community like never before. 

So many of deal with "imposter syndrome" while constantly comparing ourselves to inspiring women we see online everyday! But what if you learned that

these women are no different than you?!  

Every woman will leave this event knowing, "If she did it... I can do this too!

Not because I'm just like her, but because we worship the same God!" 

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Flying into town?

Flint Bishop (FNT) airport is the closet airport to the venue. However, the cheaper option may be to fly into Detroit (DTW) and drive to the venue, which is about an hour from the Detroit airport. 

Where should you stay?

If you plan to stay over night in Flint, we'd recommend you staying at the brand new Downtown Hilton Garden  Inn. If you are staying in Detroit, we'd suggest the Greektown hotel, The Element, or The Shinola hotel. 
Jun 18, 2022, 5:00 PM
University of Michigan - Flint Campus
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