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This year's "LEAVING MY MARK" event will create the perfect atmosphere to hear from God concerning our deepest and most intimate requests of Him. We're "LEAVING A MARK at the ALTAR" because this is the only place we will find the answers we're hoping for.. on our face at his thrown. 

So many of deal with things we never speak of  while trying to show up

for others everyday!  But we invite you to come see a man... A man named Jesus, like you've never seen Him before. 

We expect God to show up in this place, transform our lives, our hearts and our circumstances like never before. If you know you need to be there... we're already praying for you. We've made this event fee to ensure there is no financial barrier keeping you from getting to Him. 

Can't wait to see you at the Altar.


Flying into town?

ATLANTA (ATL) airport is the closet airport to the venue. The venue is located 

Where should you stay?

If you plan to stay over night in Flint, we'd recommend you staying at the brand new Downtown Hilton Garden  Inn. If you are staying in Detroit, we'd suggest the Greektown hotel, The Element, or The Shinola hotel. 
Jun 18, 2022, 5:00 PM
University of Michigan - Flint Campus
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